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Busy Monday in College Hoops Transfer Portal

A week ago right now, Baylor and Gonzaga were squaring off in the national championship game. We are 51 weeks from crowning another champion, but some teams are finalizing or re-creating their 2021-2022 rosters in the hopes of making March memories next year.

Here’s what happened Monday…

One of the biggest fish in the transfer pond made his decision. Former UNC center Walker Kessler picked this SEC school to take his talents to next year.

This point guard - Xavier Pinson changed schools and colors, but not leagues or nicknames. He went from one Tiger to another Tiger within the SEC.

Another big man made the jump to the SEC - which has been cleaning up in the early transfer process. See where Minnesota center Liam Robbins is heading next year.

A former double Wildcat (Arizona and Kentucky) stays on the West Coast and will play at Fresno State.

Another SEC school who is used to March success, Kentucky, has been eerily quiet since signing

Lastly, while this is mainly a college basketball transfer website, there was big news out of Nova Nation as a pair of seniors decided to play a fifth year for Jay Wright.


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