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Auburn picks up a fifth marquee transfer this off-season

Bruce Pearl has things rolling on the Plains, as he picked up a fifth - FIFTH - marquee transfer this off-season. That's because on Wednesday, former Georgia guard KD Johnson committed to the Tigers.

Johnson recently completed his freshman year at Georgia, and was one of the Dawgs' best players all season long, averaging 13.6 points per game on close to 39 percent three-point shooting.

While it's been a disastrous off-season for the Dawgs (where all five of their top scorers left) it's been a boon for Auburn, which has signed five marquee transfers.

Along with Johnson, the Tigers have also added Walker Kessler (North Carolina), Desi Sills (Arkansas), Wendell Green Jr. (Eastern Kentucky) and Zep Jasper (Charleston) to an already talented roster.


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