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A full recap of a WILD Monday in the transfer portal

With the Elite Eight games now done (Congrats to Houston and Baylor for advancing to the Final Four) here is a recap of what you missed in the transfer portal on Monday:

Kentucky had a historically bad season in 2020-2021. John Calipari made sure it won't happen again, by getting a commitment from one of the best players in the transfer portal.

Exactly one week ago, Ben Johnson took the Minnesota job. A week later, he got his first major commitment as head coach of the Gophers.

Michigan State's Rocket Watts entered the transfer portal - mark my words, he will be one of the most coveted players in the portal this off-season

Speaking of which, another Top 50 recruit also entered the portal on Monday afternoon. He too will be a VERY highly coveted player this off-season

And finally, Colorado just made the NCAA Tournament two weeks ago. Two weeks later, two of their starters are now in the portal. Details here.

And if you missed anything else from the day, or the weekend, in college hoops transfer news, click here


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